iPhone photos backup incomplete - not finding all photos

I have ~20k photos and videos in my iPhone photos, backed by iCloud. I’m trying to use the MyCloud app to also copy them to my ex2100. However it only says it is doing auto backup of ~2k files and ~4gb (i have 170gb photos in iCloud).
Has anyone else experienced this?

Hmmm. I’m trying to recall, but I’m not sure that the app will “re-backup” things that are stored in your iCloud storage – only the items that reside on the phone itself.

I wondered that too. But my iPhone says I’m using 22gb for photos on local storage…

I just found an app called PhotoSync that seems to work and is currently downloading and copying all the photos from my iCloud photo store to a destination on my NAS. $2.99 well spent!

You may not be getting all your files uploaded. See this link:

Also, each time I upload my Camera Roll via My Cloud, I copy the newest ones to separate and arranged folders on my WD NAS.

Thanks, I read your link as well. The tip for disabling the screen timeout was very useful. I think what it’s doing is only copying pictures I’ve actually taken on this phone, rather than everything in my iCloud photos library.
Using the app I suggested above does seem to be working though.