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Hello. I regularly upload pics from my iPhone onto my mycloud without too many problems. My wife does the same. Recently the wdmycloud icon that appears at the bottom of a picture when you are trying to upload a pic has disappeared and I have no idea how to get it back. All the other places to upload to are still there, flickr, facebook, airdrop, icloud etc are all there, just not the wdmyclod icon. Her phone is now full to the brim with pics that we don’t want to loose. Can anybody advise me what I need to do to get the icon back? Thank you

Has your phone recently updated iOS?

I’d uninstall the app, and re-installed it.

Thanks for that but I tried that yesterday. Her iPhone is fully up to date. Tgsnks

Why don’t you use the My Cloud app to upload the iPhone photos/videos? It sounds like you are using the iPhone copy function.

I don’t know how to do it through the app. I have tried but never been able to manage it. Can you talk me through it? Thanks

There are instructions from WD of how to do this:


But, I do not do it exactly like this. I have made a folder in my Public folder named New Uploads as a destination for my camera roll pictures/video. After my initial upload of everything, I moved the photos and videos into separate folders I created. Now, the New uploads is empty and next time I upload I use the 3-dot menu to select and add the newest additions to camera roll to the empty New Uploads and do the sorting and moving of files for new ones added. This may take some practice so if you bung it up, just clear the New Uploads folder and try again until it is right.

In addition, you will need to know about avoiding this “problem” with iOS devices:

Good luck with these procedures.

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