iPhone "My Cloud" app: No Thumbs, strange error message

On my My Cloud app (iOS 9.2) I do not obtain any thumbnails for my photos. If I search for something I get the message “An diesem ort gibt es bereits eine Datei, oder es wurde ein ungültiger Vorgang versucht’” (sorry, I do not know the English equivalent).

I can still download pictures but if the picture does not have a clear name it is useless without thumbnails.

Can someone help me?

Best regards


Have you tried reinstalling the app again?

Yes, that did not help. What helped was to shutdown the MyCloud and check the media server. It is, however, strange that this happened.

Strange things happen all the time with computers (this includes mobile devices). Get used to it. :smirk: You did the right thing – “Turn it off and turn it on”.

BTW, you can use the internet browser to translate anything! Here is the German translation: ’ At this place there is already a file, or it’s an invalid operation was attempted ’ Not a great translation, but it gets the point across anyway.

Last night the Netflix app on my iPad would not turn on and connect. I deleted and re-installed app, and all is well again. Go figure.