iPhone mirroring


Looking for a solution and I own a WDTV Live hub so I thought I’d start here.

I want to be able to mirror my iPhone to my TV. Ideally, using the little output icon that appears for the apple tv, it would be great to simply stream what I’m playing on my phone to my wdtv.

I know there are other apps. it they don’t quite fit the bill. for example, they only stream videos stored in the iPhone video app - I have loads of videos in pDowloader app which I cannot stream.

anyone know if there is a solution available? I’m at a point where im thinking my only option is to buy a apple tv and use AirPlay mirroring but I have a wdtv so it kind of means I have 2 devices that are almost the same thing… I picked wdtv over apple because I was better …

Definitively you will have better integration between an iPhone and an Apple TV, since are from same manufacturer.  I am not an iPhone user, not sure if there is an app available for what you are trying to do.