iPhone/iPad remote control for WD TV Live Hub

I have made an iPnone/iPad app that works as a remote control over wireless network.

All you need is to enter the ip address of your WD TV Live Hub, and you are good to go.

Screen shot and info in iTunes:



PS. I know this post for some might be considered spam. But I thought it would be better to be straigth about it, rather than creating a “fake” account praising this iPhone app I found.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the link to the application had to be removed, the rules of this community do not allow advertising. Now, I will not remove the post; remember that you can look for this application directly in iTunes.

Excellent! Anyone used it…??  Would love to hear some feedback…there doesnt appear to be any comments at the APP store…


I’d like to buy the app, but there is a comment that says the app has a connection problem, did you fix it? please let me know, I think this app has potential, even with my Harmony One i’d be happy to test it



I bought this app yesterday, and it seems to work just fine.  I also had a connection error at first, so I decided to test my Onkyo Remote app.  Same problem.  So, it was a temporary local wireless problem that went away in about an hour.  Wireless.  Geez.   

I also have a Harmony One, but it’s not ideal for controlling the Live Hub (the biggest issue for me is remapping Menu to Home on the physical buttons doesn’t work).  I’d say this app is a viable alternative, plus it lets me control the Live Hub when listening to tunes on the deck.

Hey thanks for the feedback  Hawkster! Any chance youd be able to tell me about the typing functions…? Is this available through the app…?  I am about to hook a wireless keyboard to my hub, but it would be totally sweet if I was able to type via the app…!

Thanks again!

Did buy your app but it will not start on ipad (v1-4.3.3) and iphone (3gs- 4.3).
I get the picture of the remote and then the app closes. :frowning:

Hi, I bought this application from app store. When I open it on iphone 4, it only shows remote picture for a 

moment and closes.

@Martin: have you tested it with iphone-4?


davep: there is no keyboard functionality in the app, at least not for the iPhone version.  I don’t have an iPad (dang it) so I can’t speak to that.  On startup, the app displays an illustration of the Live Hub  remote.  That’s a bit too small to be useful, but there is a zoom function that splits the remote in half, and then you can swipe between the top and bottom halves.  That’s how I use it, and it’s quite natural.  I have an iPhone 4.

just tried app on iphone 4 and ipad neither worked. put in correct ip address.

shame really

69p down the potty

Hi CG,

The connection problem should have been fixed with the release of version 1.1


Hi All

I am receiving reports on the app having troubles starting on iOS version 4.3.

I am currently looking into the issue.

Please refer to the WDTV-Remote website for updates on the issue or if you feel like submitting an issue.

Comments, good or bad, or suggestions are welcome here, but please use the WDTV-Remote website for bug reports or other issues addressed directly to me, as it is not fair to WDC to use their forum to handle “customer” issues.


Martin Lobger - WDTV-Remote author

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