iPhone confusing message if in "Airplane Mode"

The first time I attempted to save a photo from my iPhone, to my MyCloud sitting back at home, I got a message that made me first think the MyCloud was off-line.

I didn’t know I had my iPhone in “Airplane mode” and attempted to save a photo to MyCloud.  I received on my iPhone the message “Device Offline WDMyCloud is not accessible.  Local documents are available”

I am not sure this is a Apple generated message or a MyCloud app generate message.  It is a bit confusing making you think your Mycloud might be off.  It would have helped to display a message that the phone is off or in airplane mode.  Other than that this info might be helpful to someone else that gets the message but doesn’t realize the connection with the phone being in Airplane mode.

It would be nice if a future software upgrade would change this.


Thanks for sharing.

I’m sure this will helps some users experiencing this situation.