iPhone - Backing Up Automatically

Hi - the WD is a great idea but it does not do what it says on the box. Right now it is a fancy NAS with my MAC backing up using Time Machine and nothing more because… the software on the iPhone does not allow automatic backups of the iPhone - which is probably the only thing I bought it for.

Unless I am missing something really obvious then in order to backup my iPhone I need to sync it with my MAC using iTunes and then backup my MAC using Time Machine. Hardly a user friendly restore option for the next time my wife dunks her iPhone down the crapper… which has hapened twice in the last year - hence me wanting personal, large, automatic, cloud storage to back up all my devices without me having to think beyond setting them up.

And try as I mihgt I can find no way of adding a photo from my iPhone to a shared folder that gets sysnched to the MyCloud. I cannot take a photo and have it automatically sent to MyCloud. All in all a very crappy experience so far - soooooo disappointed.

Hi Roger, note that currently there is no supported general backup option for iOS devices. You can access the My Cloud and copy your files manually using the My Cloud app. Using the WD Photos app you can backup your images automatically into the My Cloud. Click on the link below for more information. 

How to install WD Photos on an iPhone or iPod Touch


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