iPhone app problem

I have the wd2go pro installed on both iPad (1st gen) and iPhone 4s. My music is set up by folders with mp3s from each album in a specific folder. Both idevices play a song fine over any wireless but the iPad allows multitasking and the iPhone does not. By this I mean that when I play a song on the iPad and i double click the home button i can go to another app and it will automatically advance to the next song. This does not work on the iPhone so I cannot use the phone for any other operation while using wd2go to listen to music. Please advise if there is a setting to correct this or fix the app. Thanks

Hey. All you may have to do is go to the settings menu in the app on your phone and turn auto music playback on. If it is it on try turning it off, exiting the menu, re-entering the menu, and then turning it back on. …I had the same problem with my iPad at first and I did what I just told you and it fixed the problem. If this doesn’t work then it must be a problem with the iPhone version of the app itself. Let me know what happens…

Thanks but this didn’t work. I have an iPad also and it works fine on that device. I have figured out that the problem is that the iPhone version of wd2go uses a custom internal media player whereas the iPad version uses the iOS default media player. The WD custom media player used by the iPhone version is not well integrated with ios so does not offer all media play features such as multitasking, track advance by hitting the headphones button, etc. these things work fine on the iPad version so I have posted a suggestion in the ideas category to fix this. If you are an iPhone user you may want to chime in to have WD fix this problem.

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