iPhone app is quite slow

Hi all,

yesterday I installed my new WD MyBook Live and copied some pictures into  “Public\Shared Pictures”.

Accessing my pictures via the iPhone app does work, but only very very slowly. In fact, it usually takes between 25 and 35 seconds to show a “new” picture, if it hadn´t been cached before… I wonder, if I did something wrong, because other users seem to be very happy with the speed. - By the way, the drive should have had enough time to create the thumbsnails and resized copies of the pictures (I only copied 50 pics yet :wink:), - 20 hours. 

What did I do meanwhile? I changed the network location of the drive and connected it directly to my router (before this it was behind an additional software firewall), but this didn´t change anything. Then I changed the network settings from DHCP to static, but this brought no improvement either. Last but not least I tried to change the network speed, but I couldn´t find where to do it.

I actually wonder, if the MyBookLive really is the problem, - accessing the drive in my LAN works great (in both directions).

Does anyone have an idea, what could be the cause for this behaviour, or is this speed really normal?

Thanks a lot,


EDIT: I also deleted the app´s cache, which didn´t help, then I reinstalled the whole app, - but as you can imagine: this didn´t speed up anything…  :wink:

Did you ever get help on this?