Iphone app gives no network error

We have a bunch of movies loaded into the public video folder.  When I try to access this folder from the iphone app (whether or not I’m on the same wifi network as the drive) it gives me a “no network” error and will not show the files.  It does let me search and I can find the movies and play them though, so it’s cleary connected.  Most often I want to browse movies rather than search for a specific title.  Any idea what’s going on here?

Hi there and welcome to te WD community.

Try to disable the remote acccess from the dashboard, and then reboot your device and re enable the remote access option, this has worked for  me before hope this helps you out. 

No.  That did not help.  I’m wondering if it’s because the number (or size) of files in the folder because when I search just the letter b, all movies with a b in them will be listed, when I search a more common letter, I get the “no network” error.  Either way I had much higher expectations on the usability of this thing.