iPhone 6 iOS9 My Cloud App no longer interopeates with email and message apps

I just noticed this after upgrading to the new iOS9.  I use to be able to email links to the items I wished to share and this is no longer working now. 

Is anyone looking into this as I uninstalled and reinstalled and this did not correct the issue.

Yes, my iPad upgraded to iOS 9 and I can no longer email links of photos or video from the My Cloud App.  However, my iPhone 6 has not upgraded to iOS 9 yet and I can still email links from the My Cloud App.  Is there an update to the My Cloud App to fix this issue with iOS 9?

yes I am still waiting for an answer for this from WD, and have not received even an acknowledgement of my message.

I also am unable to login to the MYCloud resource on the Mobile app, tells me that my logon and password are incorrect yet I can come over here every time.

I spent a good deal of tiem resetting uninstalling and re-installing on this issue.

getting anxious.


We have passed this along to support.

is a Bug from Apple , if you are connected within your network it will work (wifi) , once you are out and using let’s say LTE it just doesn’t work , try to download any app without the wifi and you’ll see . Turn off the “data roaming” then “reset Network settings” , turn off the device , wait for 10 seconds and try again , please be adviced that all wifi passwords will be wipe out.


this did not seem to work for me oh  well I did get a call from WD who took my error logs and will look into it.

we dod not convert my wife’s phone and it is still on iOS8 and it works just fine.  Clearly and issue with iOS9