iPhone 4 Won't Sync - continual reboot after reaching 1GB in progress

Had my MyCloud since April and still have not been able to sync all my photos from my phone to the device.

Prior to the App update, I’d manually select pictures to move and if over 100 at a time - fail. Phone would reboot and the activity log showed an error. This would happen about 80% of the time. I did manage to get several hundred transferred over the past 6 months but this is painful.

Updated to the new app/firmware and the device attempts to sync some 2500+ photos from my phone (roughly 16GB). After 1 GB is transferred, phone shuts down/reboots and when you go back to the MyCloud app, the amount of files transferred has dropped back down to around 800MB and it tries again. I’ve watched this happen 4 times in a row already.

I have Location services turned off. I have Auto Shut-off turned off too. I only have about 1GB of free space on my phone, but have been told that shouldn’t matter. I went to the MyCloud presentation last Friday at WDSJ and was told that this is a common issue and that Location services need to be turned off - which I have done.

Still having this issue: Transfer in progress, get to 1 GB or so, Phone reboots, resets back to 800MB progress and it tries again.

I am soooo frustrated. Any suggestions?


Are you trying this using the cell data service or WiFi?

I’m using Wi-Fi, and I’ve got the phone almost next to the Router (and I don’t move it). All other apps are shut down… Location services on… Auto-shut off is disabled…