iPhone 4 App for Music Streaming

I love the WD app for my iphone4 that allows me to stream all of my photos stored on my WD Worldbook Network Drive.  Why is there not a similar app to allow me to stream all of the music files stored on my WD as well?  This is an important feature to most of us spending more than $100.00 on a network drive.  I hope you are upgrading the WD photos App to work with the music or are planning to create a new app to allow for this.


Thanks for the suggestion. There are plans for something to do this. Timing is in the next two months.

It looks like some of the competitors’ product can do this. Any more news on when this will come out? I just bought a WD network drive and am thinking about exchanging it because of this. If WD’s music app is coming out soon than I will keep it.


Please release this soon