Ipadress.wd2go.com causes slow connections?

Hi all!

I am configuring my MBL and have the folloing problem:

When mounting  shares (in Win7) using wd2go.com the networkdrive I get is some thing like \MyBookLiveXYZ.wd2go.com

If I do a traceroute to it I get over 20 hops to the drive, although it is on the same switch as my PC. This ofcourse make things really slow.

If I mount it manually using the IP address I get by ‘ip addr’ (which is NOT the same as the corresponding IP for MBL.wd2go.com), I get no hops and a fast connection. This is tedious though. Is there a smooth way to mount my MBL using a web interface instead of having to do it the long manual way?

Also: How to I get rid of WebDAV from Windows 7. Disabling the service is no good. It keeps starting when I use wd2go.com although I disabeled it, rebooted and checked that it was still disabeld.

Any help would be really… eh… helpful. :smiley:

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

No, not really.

If you’re on your own home network, you should just mount the drive as directed by the OS.

You cannot get rid of WebDAV and still use WD 2go.  WD 2go REQUIRES WebDAV, because that’s the access method it uses.

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Thanks for your reply Tony!

I am right in understanding that using the services provided by WD, my MBL will not have its real IP address linked to a dns entry? This implies that I cannot use it as an FTP server or make real use of it as a network drive anywhere on the Internet (using WebDAV makes it unusable slow)? Will I have to pay for a DynDNS account to achieve this? That is the only way I currently see as a solution.

Thank you for your help!

The DNS entry that WD registers via WD 2go is for use only with WD 2go, not for FTP.

DynDNS is free, BTW.

DynDNS is no longer for free I am afraid and I do miss it.

What about disabling the services needed for WebDAV? I will look into that…

Thanks again!

pyro_sweden wrote:

DynDNS is no longer for free I am afraid and I do miss it.

Wow.  You’re right – though I’ve never paid a dime and my domains are still working – I guess I’m grandfathered.