iPad mini 3 doesn't charge

Is it true, that the WD Passport Wireless PRO with the latest FW is not able to charge a iPad mini 3 or a iPhone 6?
With the very same cable I’m able to charge this iOS Devices on any wall charger and/or PC/Laptop (Mac/Win) without any problem.
WD Passport Wireless Pro is powered off and the battery is fully charged.
Thank youn in advance for anyones help and suggestions.
Kind regards


Are you able to charge other devices besides the iPad Mini or iPhone 6 from the My Passport Wireless Pro?

Dear G_Rayn

Thank you for your response and sorry for my late replay.
Well, it’s difficult to explain.
I did try the charging with different iOS Lightning cables (Original as well as 3rd party) as well with different other devices other then Apple. The ones not branded from Apple do charge all the time.
The iOS devices charge differently, depending on model (iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 6) AND on the battery level at the time the charging does start. But ALL Apple branded devices do charge all the time without any problem with original Apple wall chargers as well with 3rd party wall chargers.

It’ll take some more time to do some extended tests and come out with a list of what happens when and how. Give me please some days to do that.
I’ll get back to you here as a replay in this thread.

Kind regards