Ipad cannot connect to MyCloud

I’ve seen several postings - but no resolve to this.

I’m running an ipad using iOS 7. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest wdMyCloud app from the apple App store. When I laund the App, It sees the cloud drive on my local network. When I select the drive It displays alist of users by first and last name (John Smith). I select the user, enter the password - eventually it times out and displays an error that the device is offline, Its not offline I can connect via my iphone on the local network,

One the the things that i was thinking is the pulldown list that is displayed, instead of displaying the proper user name (as defined by the user profile on the WD My Cloud setup) which is first name all lower case, The app is trying to connect as a user Firstname Lastname.

Is there a fix to this?

You could try using an Access Key (generated by the Cloud) instead of using a username.