Ipad backup question

Apologies if this has been asked before, or if this is a silly question, but I’m a fairly new user and I haven’t able to find anything searching through the forums…
If I have my ipad (or iphone) set to backup regularly to my My Cloud and I delete some of the files off of the ipad, will those files still be stored on My Cloud, or will they be deleted on the next backup? I’d like to clear some space on my devices but am worried that my photos will disappear from My Cloud as well.

The My Cloud app backup only save Camera Roll photos and videos.to the My Cloud device. The files you backup will stay on the device until you delete then from it – or “something goes wrong” and is why you need a backup of these other than on the device. Right now you second copy is on your iOS devices, so get them backed up to the My Cloud and make a copy of them to another drive you have. and, periodically back them up after you have added more files to My Cloud again.

One thing you can do is since all the files get dumped into the main folder of My Cloud is to set up another set of folders where you copy qnd arrange the same photos and videos into collections like My Trip to Alaska, My Trip to Hawaii, etc. That still gives you two copies, although they are on the same drive, but makes it more convenient to view your photos and videos.

I also recommend you read this:


Thank you, that’s very helpful.