Ipad app

There are a few different apps available to control the wdtv through an ipad (one free, one 99 cents, one $2.99). Reviews are mixed at best for all of them. I have read a few comments here about people using an app. Is there one that I should look at over the others? Any comments on your own experience with an app (and clarification as to which one) would be appreciated.

I don’t have an IPad, but I do use the standard “WD TV Remote” application on my Iphone and it works great. It can connect to multiple WD devices, so I can use it to control my Live Plus and my Live Hub. I am guessing you can use that app on your Ipad, but I am not sure. You or a mac person on this site may know the answer to that.

I use the same app, but made for Android on my Nexus 7 Pad. it looks exactly the as the Iphone version, but just bigger due the bigger screen. Assumedly the IPad one would be similar

The app is free and works very well. I use it all the time. I would give that one a try assuming it is available for your Ipad. To the left you can get to some of your services. To the right are other menu options. Gotta love that it is WiFi so no line of site issues. Very nice freebie, I highly recomend giving it a try.

Even had I not tried these apps, I can’t see not trying  the free one and see if it meets your needs, before paying for one.

Good Luck


I use the WD TV Remote App (free) on my iPad, works great! With keyboard input it is so much easier to control the WD TV Live SMP and Services than the remote that comes with it!!!

Good call Buck73, I forgot to mention the part about the awesome keyboard feature (keyboard button, upper right corner)  in my post above. Even with a wireless keyboard that I have for my HUB, since I have my phone in my hand a lot of the time, I end up using the app’s keys.

Definitely a killer fee app.



Thanks all, looks good and I’ll give it a try.