Ipad APP WD2go does not work

i’ve purchased a MBL 3Tb and installed it using the setup. When trying to connect to it using the WD2GO App on a Ipad, it doesn’t work. I configured the MBL via the dashboard so that remote connection is possible, i generated a access code to be used by the Ipad bud when pushing on the “connected NOW” button, he ask me the validation code and when i insert the code, nothing happens. The only thing is that i can see that the Ipad recognize my NAS but on the Dashboard of the MBL it says that the code is not yet been used and is in wait state. When i do the same with WD Photo, it works immediately.

I can also not connect to my NAS via Internet (maybe it’s somehow linked).

Does anybody has a solution please.


Loge1 wrote:

I can also not connect to my NAS via Internet (maybe it’s somehow linked).


Look in the MBL’s connection status.   What does it say?

The MBL status is in port forwarding actif

I have spent a long time trying to  get WD2Go to work. I moved from 1st level support to the top. We decided the problem was port forwarding. I tried to solve that situation, but I couldn’t. My question is this: If WD Photos works (which it does just fine) why not set the protocol of WD2Go to work in the same fashion. Fortunately, WD2Go works for Vimu. That’s the main thing I was looking for.

Because the protocol that WD Photos uses can’t stream music or video.

I am also having the same problems, what is the MBL’s connection status suppose to say and where can i access it?  

I am having the same problem with a new Ipad mini. I have successfully ran the same app on a full size ipad. I have contacted WD, but have had no response in some time. Did anyone have any success fixing this issue?



When in doubt, reboot the system. Mycloud is working now!