IP commands documented?

Searched as hard as I could but could not find… But I’m pretty sure this has come up. Given that WD created an IOS/Android app to control the WD TV’s via IP, are those IP commands documented somewhere? I’m using a Home automation application (DemoPad) and would like to integrate access to my WD TV in IP mode (currently using IR mode, not as reliable, nor as quick).


This information is not available.

When you say the information is not available, do you mean

1- Your department within WD does not have access to it, or

2- WD prefers to not make it public?

If the answer is ‘1’, could you steer me towards the correct department (email) ?

If the answer is ‘2’, could you share the reasons why?

Hello again,

The information is not available on the WD Website or on the Knowledgebase.

I recommend that you contact WD Support directly for assistance with this.


The website of the device has a remote-feature using HTTP’s POST command. Take a look there.

Giving me hope here, but didn’t get the URL in your reply

Hi CV_27,

I think what the previous member was referring to is the remote control which you can access by logging into your WDTV Device.

I borrowed these instructions which may steer you in the right direction:

Open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE9, there have been issues), then type your SMP’s IP address to open the Web UI. Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN. Basically this is the same interface used for uploading new themes from the internet to your device.

From this window you can access and use the remote control to operate your device within your web browser.

NB: to find your SMP’s IP address go to ‘SETUP’ on your remote control then ‘NETWORK SETTINGS’, your IP address is the first one listed.

Hope it helps.:wink:

CV_27 wrote:

Giving me hope here, but didn’t get the URL in your reply

Because there is none.

Follow Slinky_McVelvet’s advice.