IP camera

Hi please give info if the Network product can record IP cameras


Yes it can.  I have a cheap IP camera which when triggered by it’s motion sense will upload a photo a second vid the MBLD’s built-in FTP daemon. If you can record liva video depends on the IP camera’s firmware. It would need to be able to stream a video to the MBLD using aither the Apple AFP protocol or the Samba SMB protocol.

FTP is used to upload and download files and not for streaming so maybe yuout IP cmaera can upload video files of several seconds at a time?  The most popular format seems to be to upload frequent snapshots.

Another way of uploading love video is for some compuiter to be running software that accepts a video stream from the camera and then write the file to the MBLD, but I think that defeats the object of this excercise because you just want the camera to send what it sees directly to the MBLD?