IP address and software mismatch

NAS is Deeper than I thought.
I purchased a 4 TB MyCloud connected it and am not allowed to access it
The software provided gives it a different IP address than reported by my Linksys AC3200 router “Network Neighborhood”, The WD software reports unable to connect to
Linksys router reports its address is
When I direct a browser to, I get a page with a warning that Only Administrators have access.
I set the Browser to always run as administrator with no change .
An older MyBookLive has IP address
WD discover, WD smartware, etc don’t find either drive, despite what Linksys says.
I am on Win 10

You are the administrator. The initial password is blank. The fact that you see this page shows that the router is correct about the IP address. I don’t know why the setup programs aren’t finding it (I don’t use the WD software: it isn’t necessary).

The page you see is the ‘Dashboard’, which allows you to control all aspects of the MyCloud operation.

Have you read the user manual?