IOS MyCloud 'We've taken steps to secure your data...'

When accessing my MyBook Live network drive via the My Cloud app on IOS I get this message.

‘…with changes that remove access to your WD SmartWare backup via the My Ckoud mobile app’

I don’t use the MBLive for backup, i use it as a shared network folder. But with this message, the app dpes not let me see the shared folders anymore.
I can see them still (unchanged) via the Mac on both Finder and logging in via browser.
What do i have to update or change to get the my iphone to see the folders and files?
Searching the WD support site doesnt help.

Anyone help?


For solution Connect the iOS device to the local LAN and scan for local devices or add the device using the account in the iOS My Cloud mobile app.

Add the device using a *Device Activation Code on the Local Area Network (LAN)

for more information you can see this link below mentioned-

You can also check the details in this link-