iOS My Cloud OS 5 can't see pre-upgrade Shares - solved

Managed to solve an issue where the Shares existing before OS3/OS5 upgrade could not be seen after upgrading to OS5 either in Web Access or via the My Cloud OS5 iOS app. Shares created after upgrade could be seen but not those created prior.

Solved by turning the Share Access/Mobile & Web Access slider button Off & On again for each pre-upgrade Share. That made them appear on Mobile App and Web Access on upgraded Cloud access platforms.

Hope this helps if you are having similar issues :nerd_face:

MyCloudEX2Ultra 2 Bay NAS - Firmware 5.08.115
MAC Big Sur 11.1
Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88
iOS 14.2
My Cloud OS 5 4.12.1

hi-Now that it has been some time since you solved this problem, do you still use OS5? Would you recommend it to others who are still clinging to OS3?

Hi - yes I would. The iOS app is much more robust and the Server is reliable. However I have a very simple set of use cases for my Cloud Server (Back up redirect for iOS and Mac, Media storage, GoodSync, USB backup). Not sure how those with more complex Cloud Server use cases are getting on