iOS My Cloud Home (and Android) ability to download videos to Photos


is there an option to download videos to iPhone Photos? I can only play the video or (when I install VLC) play it with VLC.

Same goes for Android, there’s no option to download files.

Only native mobile camera video can be “save to camera roll”
IE: take a video using iOS Camera. Send or Backup to My Cloud Home,
Open the mobile app and you’ll see the “Save to camera roll” option after tapping the three dots.

Will you soon be adding the option to save other videos to iOS camera roll?
It is impossible to move videos from let’s say android phone to iOS using my cloud home.
Just for example, dropbox is supporting this

Hi, I’m trying to open an audio file from my My Cloud through the app on my android phone, I have VLC installed but I cant open it or download, is this supported? How do I download from my app to VLC please? The option is given to download to device on photos but not audio