iOS Badge Icon number won't go away

I have an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS and My Cloud Home app. I have turned on Auto Backup and have let my phone upload my photos and videos.
However, no matter what I do, I continue to have a “1” show up as the badge icon indicating that I still have 1 file to upload (or possibly a notification?). I have left my phone on all night (disabled auto-lock, enabled background uploading, etc.) with no success. There is no way in the app to actually see a queue or log which is disappointing.
I have searched my iPhone’s photo folders for any photo/video files with special characters and there are none. I have removed and reinstalled the app. I have logged out/logged in. I have turned on/off my phone.
Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

After re installation of My Cloud Home Mobile App, are you getting same issue with this application?

Moreover, you can also check after the force stop of My Cloud Home mobile app and then restart mobile device to check for this issue.

Yes. Still getting the notification icon of “1”. I have tried all that. It seems like there is something else up.
Again, it would be nice to see a queue or log so you can know what files are remaining or if it is having trouble with a file.