iOS backup/sync via USB on MPWP?

Is it possible to plug an iOS device into the USB 2.0 port on a MPWP and import photos/videos from the Camera Roll?

It seems like this would be a simple question but after scouring these forums and the Internet at large I have not found a conclusive answer apart from “it worked on iOS 10 but not on 11”.

Specifically, would someone confirm whether I can plug an iPhone X into the USB port and copy the Camera Roll contents across to the MPWP? The alternative (using wireless) seems like it would be 1) significantly slower and 2) more annoying (since you have to keep the app open while the sync happens). If this is not possible, is it on the roadmap? (esp. since it appears that it used to work…)

Thanks for the help with my pre-sales question!

No, you can’t. You need to use the My Cloud app in the way mentioned below. It does not take that long if you use the 5G signal (You heed to use 5G for video watching anyway so you don’t have stutter. So stop using the old 2,4 deadly slow wireless speed.)

Here is how to upload with no problems: (Initial upload will contain a lot of data, so it will take longer.)

Did you try it out finally?