iOS APP, the password is always disabled automaticlly

the my cloud home app of iOS has a passord option in its setting menu, but when you enabled it, it will be automaticlly disabled after you power cycle the phone, it is a serious software bug, hope the developer can fix it asap.

I dont use a password on mine but I though I would give it a test.

iPhone Xs iOS 12

  1. Set pass code and chose to use face ID to unlock
  2. Close app and reopen to verify it is asking for a pass code and face ID unlocks the app.
  3. Power cycle the phone
  4. Open My Cloud home app
  5. It asks for pass code and uses face ID to unlock as expected

What version of the My Cloud home app, iPhone, and iOS are you using? Can you provide the steps to you are using to see the issue?

Hi Drlucky,
i upgrade my iphone6s to IOS12.1, and retest it, the issue still exist, here is the steps of reproducing the issue, could you please try it?
1, open MyCloud Home app, go to setting, turn on set password, then enter 4 digitals pin, i used 0321.
2, press ‘home’ button to make the app to backgroud
3, click the app icon to make the app go back to foregroud
4, the app prompt to input password, enter correct password, the app can show the contents i uploaded
5, press ‘home’ button to make the app to backgroud again
6, double press ‘home’ button to show the task list, pull the app to the top to exit the app
7, click the app icon to reopen the app, the password now is not needed, and it also is disable in the setting menu.