iOS App renaming photos

I have got WD Photos and WD My Cloud on both my iPod and my Android phone. 

I realised at one point when uploading photos that sometimes they had their original file names & other times WD-xxxxx where x was a number; those numbers weren’t sequential or anything. (Or, at least, I couldn’t see a logic in them)

I’ve come to realise that it’s the WD-Photos App on the iPod that’s doing the renaming; (and also re-dating to the upload time), where as those on the android know when they were taken & also have the original file name (indeed, the upload process even puts them in folders based on year/month taken, unlike the iOS one that shoves them all in a single folder.)


You are correct, WD Photos will rename the pictures and will change the created date to the date it was saved on the NAS.

You can make a suggestion for future updates in the Ideas Board.