iOS app not working

hey dudes

I can’t get on to My Cloud using iOS app… it says ‘Device Offline’ 'this device is inaccessible; only locla files are available. 

Any ideas? I’ve done all the usual delete and re install, re start the cloud etc… 

Dumb question, but did you enable remote access for one of the users? Are you on your home network when you get this error?

Yep I’ve done all of that…it’s been working in the past and now just keeps coming up with that message. I’ve tried it at home so in the local network and away. I’ve also logged in with my account and also with that number so it’s like I’m a new user…but nothing… have you had the same isse? 

I get that to some times but just pull down to reload the shares. I would also try turning remote connection off and then back on again