iOS app 4.4.8 music player delays on remote access

I recently updated the Mycloud app from 4.4.5 to 4.4.8 on my iPad (iOS 10.2.2) and now the music player waits until the song has fully loaded before starting playback. This induces long delays between songs on slow internet remote access, sometimes more than 1 minute. On older versions such as 4.4.5 songs would start playing long before being fully loaded, with very little delays between songs.
WD changed something in the music player ?
If so, WD please correct.

Sorry to tell you, but I do not have this problem; music starts instantly as always. You have something else going on to cause this issue.

Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing :

  • Songs load and start instantly on a LAN connection.
  • My problem occurs with a slow (1.5 Mbps) Internet connection.
    Are we on the same page ?

You are expexting good performane using 1.5mbps? Get realistic.

My example was using an iPad on a gigabit network at home.

Just for the heck of it I got on my LTE cell network which is 25mbps and got almost the same fast action playing from my NAS as I did using my home network.

You can’t expect decent results on a 1.5mbps network and dis the app for not working well. I hope you are not on your home network at this speed.

Home (city) network is fine, but country place only has limited internet access and nothing I can do about it. So, listening to songs remotely (i.e. at country place) used to be ok with previous versions, but now suffers longs delays with v 4.4.8. Seems that v 4.4.8 player now needs to buffer all of the song before playing it.

So, you can;t bump up to the next speed level?

Or, try it from your cellular connection and see how it does, since it is likely faster than the wireless.

Another idea – get a WD wireless passport. I have all my music on one as well as lots of mp4 movies, so we are good to go on a desert island with no good internet!