iOS 11 photos format

Well uploading or doing auto backup from the WD MyCloud app is not file format compatible with iOS 11. It uses the .HEIC format to save space and uploading the MyCloud has no way to see these files.

Is WD gonna fix this or do we have to disable this and take a step backwards again? Just another reason to move on from WDC


Hello whsbuss,

iOS 11 introduces a new default “High Efficiency” Camera Capture format for both images and video content.

High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) with the .HEIC extension is now the default for all iOS 11 camera image content
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is now the default for all iOS 11 camera video content

HEIF and HEVC formats are currently not supported by the My Cloud Client apps at this time.

However, you can set iOS 11 cameras to the “Most Compatible” Camera Capture format when auto backup and thumbnail preview is required on a My Cloud. The “Most Compatible” Camera Capture format option uses .JPEG and H246 .MOV formats.

Tap Settings>>Tap Camera>>Tap Format>>Tap Most Compatible

Yes, thank you. The reason Apple chose to go with the HEIC format is to save space on the mobile device. When you see the difference of the average picture (1.78mb vs 781kb) it makes sense. I am aware of the setting to change back to a compatible format… but that defeats the purpose. I myself take numerous pictures and having space saving format helps me.

I would hope WD will soon support this format on your devices. Google drive already does.


I have not updated my wife’s iPhone to the My Cloud lately with the MC app, Like many people now, most of the photos on her phone are jpeg, but now there are some of these newer types from iOS 11. Does the same procedure you describe apply to change settings in phone for all be jpeg if there is a mix of these photo types included in phone today and in future?

I believe it only applies to newly taken pictures. Check on Apple.

I to have a number of photos taken recently that I am now trying to back up. I’m uploading them to via the app but they are not compatible to view in the WD mycloud app. If I were to access them on a PC would I see them correctly and can I convert them with a third party app at a later date from the drive itself while at home on my PC. When is WD going to update the app to be compatible with the new format. I am sure there are plenty of Apple users out there that have not even noticed this issue since the iOS 11 update

Either in this post or another one, it was mentioned that one needs to make an adjustment in the iOS device of how to export the photos; and select jpeg. Check iOS instructions.

You can either set your iPhone/iPad to save photos taken in compatible format (jpeg) or if you want to keep the nw HEIC format, you can share each photo and select the WD cloud app. It will export them to jpeg format.

HEIC is a new file format on iOS 11 devices. Then you want to convert iOS HEIC photos to JPG, then there are 10 heic to jpg converter options

What I want is the ability for WDC to keep HEIC format on the server and show thumbnails in that format… google drive does it

There is supposed to be a way in iOS device to save HEIC photo as jpg instead, but I cannot find the control in phone or pad. Do you know where it is? Thanks.

There is no native iOS way to do that. But when you share via the Photo app it will be JPG

Thanks. So if I create an email msg on phone and attach a photo in phone it will be sent as jpg?

And, if I use My Cloud app to upload a phone photo to my My Cloud it will be sent and stored on the My Cloud as a jpg?

Yes. Any share selection on iOS will send the photo in jpg format, including selecting the MyCloud app from the share screen.

I’m sure you’ve found the camera setting by now, but in case you haven’t it’s in:
settings/ camera/ formats.
There you can choose: “High Efficiency”, or “Most Compatible”

Thank you, this is the kind of reply I was looking for. I do not recall looking in he camera settings section; I did explore the Photos settings and neglected the Camera settings. Anyway, your reply encouraged me to google for “ios 11 camera capture format” and I found a very informative link from Apple. that explained things in more detail. My iPhone 7 Plus has more settings than my new iPad does for Photos and Camera, and I set both devices for automatically transfer to Mac or PC which seems will be the settings I want.for both devices. It’s a bit more “techy” than ever before to take pics and vids with these gadgets. A little experimenting is called for now.

Here is the Apple link:

If you want unlimited storage at any format, try Google photos

As I know, the new camera image format is HEIC, which is used to replace JPG. Apple sets HEIC as standard image format, but also gives users local support on camera settings to choose “Most Compatible”, JPG. However, if you feel like changing existing HEIC images to JPG, you should use a tool, such as HEIC to JPG Converter, to convert all in batch.