IOS 11 Files app integration


Please implement this. I just registered Ana account to support this voting! :grinning:


YES!!! This would make MyCloud so much easier to use.


Any update, half thinking of moving to synology and this is one of the reasons?


Yes, I would love that. Would make my life a lot easier.


This is a great idea Eric and it certainly has my vote!


It is a really desired feature. I have especially registered on site to vote for it.


Correct, I had to register to “like” the comment in the community which I would prefer not to have done.


It looks like Western Digital offically has added iOS 11 Files app integration with todays update of the My Cloud app. Great!


We have indeed! Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Although it took over a year until you added the Files app integration, it feels good that you listen to your customers and that the integration is finally there. Now, beside the “Apollo Cloud” from Promise Technology Inc. (that NAS supports the Files app integration almost since the release of the new Files app), Western Digital offers one of the first NAS with a true Files app integration on the market. I like that. It is really a little game changer! I hope you can fix the known limitations, that you mentioned in the change log of the new version of the My Cloud app, in the next weeks and months.


CATASTROPHY hello, I have a PR4100 NAS and my cloud app installed on my ipad. the server is full of important stuff. I have always used pass code for my cloud app on ipad
I just saw my 6 year old , opening the files app on the ipad, and started to play and delete my files on my NAS…
a quick search led me here
I just learnt that my cloud is integrated in files on ipad…
Ok, but how can we lock this from other people on the ipad ?

ie: with my cloud app locked…anyone could access server through files ios

just deleted the files app all together


Update : this has been rolled out for my cloud but not my cloud home, really weird as seems like my cloud home users are more likely to use iPads and iPhones. Please can we get my cloud home support …¿