Invisibility for IP network scanners. WiFi

  1. I would like to be able to make NAS WD My Cloud Ex2 invisible to network scanners. It is necessary for security.
  2. Is it possible to connect a USB WiFi card for wireless network? This solution not only allow placement near highways gasket, and in more distant locations.

Sorry for bad English.

P.s.: 3. Like many look forward solutions to restrict access to shared folders to the level registered system accounts. Without this safety suffers Using this device. I can not understand your point of view on this decision… Admin has to decide to whom and how to provide access. But neither it not for him to decide NAS. 

I bought two WD My Cloud Ex2 and place them in a local network. I need to be flexible and manageable system. And with public folders for all - it’s unreal. No full access control - this is the wrong solution for  for device NAS.

With kind regards and best wishes, Andr.Ru,