Invalid Username / Password when trying to connect to OS X 10.5


I just received my WD TV Live today and, after some trouble at first, finally got my Macbook to show up under Network Shares: Windows Shares. My only problem now is that I don’t understand what information it is looking for when it asks me for my username and password when I try to connect to the Macbook. I’ve tried various combinations but keep getting “Invalid username or password. Please try again.” I’ve tried the only account name on the computer with the administrator password, I’ve tried chaning the account’s name and password, I’ve tried just the “anonymous” and no password that is show at first, I’ve tried “User” and the administrator password, I’ve tried “Admin” and the adminstrator password, I’ve tried the account name with no password… I know the password is the right one for the account because I’ve changed it. Am I simply not putting in what my WD TV Live is looking for? Has anybody had this problem and does anybody have any advice? I’ve been searching for an answer but keep getting results for Windows 7 or Windows XP or OSX 10.7 but I’m running OSX 10.5…



Hi, follow the link below to review the steps to share folders from your Mac.

Unfortunately, I’ve been through this process several times. This guide was useful in making my computer visible to the WD TV Live but now I can’t get past the username and password.

Ok… I was wrong… The steps in the link you sent me were slightly different than what I was following. Namely, those directions don’t say to enable SMB File Sharing. If you don’t enable SMB File Sharing, and use AFP instead (the default way of sharing files), the computer won’t show up under Network Shares at all.

When I use SMB file sharing, I can get my computer to show up under Network Shares:Windows Shares but when I get to the Username/Password screen it won’t accept any combination of usernames/passwords I give it. I’ve even tried creating a new account named “WD TV Live” with password “share”, made sure it was enabled for sharing under the SMB options, and the WD TV Live still gives me the error “Invalid username or password. Please try again.”

I have a similar iissue on Win7.  I had it set up perfectly a couple of months back (via wireless N) where I could access my shared media folder on the PC.  Win7 automatically generated a password for the homegroup, I put that into the SMP and it worked fine.  From memory the login name was “anonymous”.  I didn’t use the share after that because I play content via USB.

Fast forward to this weekend and I finally got around to running cat6 to the SMP.  I had a couple of small (unrelated) issues and during the process I cleared the network login information on the SMP.  I decided to change the homegroup password to something more memorable and put that into the SMP.  No go.  Invalid user name and/or password.

Given everything was already set up OK for shares, and the only thing that has changed was the connection method and homegroup password, you’d think it wouldn’t have a problem.  Many resets and password changes later - still no go.  I gave up and turned off the requirement for a password for the homegroup and I access my shares but that’s not ideal.

So beats me

I’m having the same probably, tried server different things no success. Running MacBook Pro Lion, FInally gave up and using PlayBack on my Macbook Pro as a Media Server works every time.

Hi, I’m on 10.5.8 and I clicked ‘‘Share files and folders using SMB’’ That’s it.

If you still have problem by selecting ‘‘anonymous’’ as a username, then reset your WD TV LIVE.

Then select again ‘‘Windows Share’’ and leave anonymous as a username, click the Green Arrow and you should see your Shared folder from your Mac.

Step 1: Click File Sharing

Step 2: Click SMB

Step 3: Reset your WD TV LIVE

Step 4: Don’t touch anything for username and password

Step 5: You should see shared folders.

Ii’s a major problem in the manual, very bad info concerning the sharing on Mac