Invalid serial number on Best Buy WD purchases

My new 770 has an invalid serial number like the 850 did which after two weeks was manually registered.

However, the 770 is dragging out at WD and has been elevated twice.
Can this be fixed for customers? No valid serial number no warranty!


WD - BLACK SN770 1TB Internal PCIe Gen 4 x4 Solid State Drive


SKU :6495881

You do realize SKU is not the Serial Number ? (SKU = Stock Keeping Unit)

The Serial Number is labeled S/N on the memory stick (as seen in this photo example i found on the internet)

Yes! I was sure to send the serial number.
However, I sent a picture like the one above to WD with the serial number in plain view.
13 days and counting with an escalation.
Second one from BestBuy that had an invalid serial number.
There has to be more than one person having this issue.

What in the world is going on at WD?

Now I have an order stuck in processing for 10 days.

I’m having the exact same issue. I have a WD black sn770 that I bought from Best Buy in May 2022 and it failed. Trying to register product to claim warranty and it says that the serial number isn’t correct. But I put in the S/N number that I see on my drive and it doesn’t work. I’m confused what to do now too.