Invalid Safepoint operation

Have about 1TB on MyBookLive1. SafePoint to MyBookLive2 took 3 days. Now says Invalid Safepoint operation. If I hit retry will it take another 3 days?

Does anybody know if retry deletes everything and starts over? Or does it perform an update?

Unfortunately a retry starts the SafePoint from 0, which is ridiculous. I have been trying to create a SafePoint for 3 days, and when it gets to 99.99%, it gives me an error message. The first time it said there was an error creating the SafePoint. When I retry, it gives me an error saying that there was an error _ updating _ the SafePoint. No further explanation except for an event code and a severity level of “Warn”, which you would assume to mean that the message is only a warning, that the operation completed. But it hasn’t. When I go to the recover procedure it tells me it can’t find the file on the backup drive.