Invalid Password

I purchased the My Book Essential on Jan 1 2013 to back up my “have to keep” personal files.  I found out that morning a virus had fled my whole network of computers. Upon finding this out I knew I had to reformat. At that time I was running XP-Pro. I backed up my files and did a fresh install of Windows 8. Upon plugging my hard drive back in, it is telling me I have an invalid password. When I created this password, I wrote it in a word document. I then copied and pasted when I initially set up the hard drive. I called technical support, and they said I could only take to GEEK squad and have them extract the files. I called them today to price this out. $150!!! NO WAY! I did nothing wrong, and I am not going to pay $150 due to a defunked hard drive. I need to know a way around this! Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!

Try to check if there’s a password hint

I know you believe your typing the right password but , hasn’t that happened to many of us until we realize that we were not right? :wink:

there’s no way around the password, you input the right password or you erase the drive

There is a password hint. To prevent the possibility of typing it wrong, that is why I have created a Word document with my passwords and I just copy and paste. This is why I am at such a loss, and somewhat upset about the situation. Could I take the drive apart, and plug the drive directly into my board and bypass the wd software?

solved the problem? I have a very similar case but I do say that the password is incorrect after updating the SmartWare.

anyway this could be an issue setting up this drive on XP, then reformatting my pc to windows 8?