Invalid file handle

I was trying to copy video files from my computer to my External My Book Live HD and I get the error “Invalid file handle.”

I can view video on the computer as well as on other computers in the house, but when I try to copy to the drive, I get the error message. There were no problems with this before I set it up on the router.  Previously I just plugged it into my laptop to transfer the data, but I decided to give it a permanent home and now I can’t copy to it.

Also may have caused problems with the drive when I relocated it, I  used the supplied disk to try to reset it up and it wouldn’t let me select the original drive letter that I had selected so I selected another and am having issues getting it back to the original letter. 

And, I cannot view the drive settings.

Please help. 

Windows is the one reserving the drive letter, not the drive itself. use the “Disconnected network drive” option on the old letter on the Computer section. Do you have any problem trying to copy the same file but from a different computer?

Can’t copy to the drive from any of the computers.  Been trying off and on in the off chance that it may fix itself.

Also noticed the other day that the light on the front of the drive is always blue.  Just before I noticed that I was having problems, my dog knocked the drive onto the floor.  The case came off a bit but it still appeared to be fine.

Now this is a bad thing, a blue LED means the drive is asleep and not fully operational, which shows a green LED…