Invalid drive count!

I do not have a thumb to look at. It was kinda obvious though
WD folder log file :slight_smile:

Well yes if the box is off network does not matter
Not sure about #2. Whatever the screen says do and or how hard is it to leave it connected?

Not hard to keep it connected, I’m just trying to narrow down the problem. because at this point I have a number of variables, eg. enclosure itself (which was provided as brand new by WD), the drives x 2 (but tested and no error), the ISO (! this is mystery one), the OS of the PC where the USB is being created, and I was thinking the network connectivity if applies (but I think it doesn’t in recreate case.).
I will do some research in the USB tonight to see what’s there and will get back to you.

I checked the log file (found it!) and nothing strange…
The supported drives are listed there and mine is one of them… I can’t just ignore my sssumption that the ISO is corrupted somewhere -

I’ll post again with my progress

Look at the very end of the log file and make sure it says the proper number of drives for the proper raid

Hi Gramps
I finally ended up going through recovery process for which I needed recovery s/w, extra drives etc.
I turns out 2 out of 4 drives where damaged
When I started recovery (using R Studio etc ) there are some directories I can’t recover as they are damaged - it looks like I will be able to recover majority of my files.
Thanks ally for all the hints and help.
Also thanks to western digital as they helped a lot

Thanks for the update. Glad you had some success.