Introduce acces logs to CloudOS for ALL network attached storage devices

I know this can be done because the firmware is shared between devices.

What is missing is access logs to see who’s been trying to gain access from where, who’s accessed the NAS with permission to do so and what files have been created, deleted, modified and/or read. At the moment it’s not easy (or impossible) to see who’s accessing or trying to access the NAS from the rest of the Internet!

This is of more use for any remote access so to allow access logging for at least WebDAV, FTP and MyCloud, and SSH accesses. To show authorised and unauthorised access attempts.

Please add this functionality to the Cloud OS, so the feature is available on the PR, DL and EX series NASs. The sooner the better. Can’t be that hard to add user access and file C.R.U.D. logging?

I know there is a similar idea already on here, but it’s not specific.

If you agree please vote for this idea by liking this post. I don’t think WD count comments as a votes.

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