Intro Video (Plays before the Main Movie)


Here is one idea deserves it’s own thread…

My last bugbear about using the dummy file method was that if you mistakenly pressed ‘Enter’ instead of ‘Play’ you got a message that the video file was invalid…

So i have put togeather a small intro video that i now use as my dummy file.

Basically after you run Thumbgen to create your moviesheets xml dummy file etc… copy and use this file instead of the dummy file just rename it accordingly

Ps still leave the video setting on the Hub the same as before and if you press ‘Enter’ instead of ‘Play’ the Hub will only play the intro part, you still need to press ‘Play’ button on the remote for the hub to start playing the movie straight after the intro…


Btw please make sure your pc is set to show the extensions for common files so you can also change the file extension when renaming the file

PS if anyone can put togeather a nicer intro video please post it here


Even if you dont use the dummy file, but as long as you keep your movies in their own folders, an intro movie could be useful.

Would appreciate your thoughts ?


hmm great idea…

hmm perhaps, i will replace the dummy intro video with respective movie trailers!


hi firetix, certainly you can replace with the trailer video

that would be a bit more work but worth it as well…

Hope you liked the red curtain and the countdown effect in my Intro …


that intro is freakin awesome, I love it.  would love to have it play at the start of all my movies…


Yes the intro is awesome !!

nice work.


Thanks guys…

HomerJ… thats what i have done by using the intro as the dummy file it plays BEFORE every movie when you press ‘Play’ on the moviesheet … :smileyvery-happy:

I just copy it into all my movie folders, and rename the file according to the dummy file rules…

Enter the folder via the Hub, voila you see your moviesheet, press ‘Play’ and you get the intro, after which the main movie starts playing…


love the video should have had an audience at the very end of it all going "ooooooohhhh! in disappointment :smileyvery-happy:


just wondering if there is any feedback from people who downloaded this.



The idea is pretty good, especiallly for the people using the dummy file method.

I have not tested it myself as I do not use the dummyfile method myself.