Interrupting a System Only Restore

I’ve got the issue others are having where you end up with 256 ‘_public’ folders and 256’ _timemachine’ folders (and something else too, I forget exactly what)… so my EX4 had slowed to a crawl… at least the web interface had.
So i’ve initiated a System Only Restore … yesterday afternoon.
So far, it’s been REBOOTING since then.
all 4 disc lights blinking and the screen just says System Rebooting
I’m wondering if I should wait it out, or try to interrupt it.
I was able to connect via network before and am thinking that maybe my best bet would be to interrupt it, start back up, connect via the network and copy all my files to another big drive… then wipe the EX4 drives and start fresh.
But I’m afraid to interrupt the reboot lest I lose data.
Thank you

3 days later… still going
I guess nobody really watches these forums

Just for the record… it never came back
Ended up letting it go for 10 days… just keeps blinking… the web interface still says…