Interrupt priorities

Found an issue with how the TLH prioritizes tasks. Whenever the device is doing any housekeeping, it forgets to monitor user activities. For instance when copying file to the TLH from my computer, the interface gets very sluggish. I have to press the remote control buttons a lot, even had to restart the unit to get it to respond. It gets so bad, that some movies stop playing on the TLH.

Also had a problem when I set the get content to automatic. The  interface stopped responding (2-15 seconds to recognize a  click). Eventually I restarted the unit, and there afterwards it worked better. While on the subject of content info, any chance to have a listing of those files it is unable to find data?

Running firmware version 3.06.14

You do know how small the little brain is inside the Hub. Its just not up to it, its main purpose is decoding files really, it is not anything fancy. It never will, unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for something like the Xtreamer which is dual core etc…but its all relative to price and technology.

But I cant justify it personally…

These machines are not designed for multi-tasking. They do one thing at a time well, but asking more than that is really beyond the architecture of the processing unit.

Still user interface, should have a higher interrupt priority than other functions. It should cost too much to add a buffer to the IR receiver, and have the cpu hit an interrupt whenever it has data. Don’t know how the unit is designed, but I imagine that even just by software the UI could get a higher interrupt.