Internet streaming

Is Mediafly the only thing you can stream right from the internet? I have the WD TV Live not the +

Presume you mean video. Mediafly and YouTube at mo. WD promise more in time but I guess it is a case of them negotiating.

Would be nice if they openned up the firmwar so we could stream more.

Yes I did mean Video.  I just hope they don’t just forget about me and only update the plus.

I have Playon so i can watch Netflix but it does not work as well as it does on the ROKU player.

Maybe Google TV will be my answer to watching more content now that I have said goodbye to a monthly cable bill…

Be grateful you are in the USA. Here in Europe we have even less options.

The real problem is WD is still American centric.

 To make a difference it should stop being american centric and starting thinking like any other global organisation.

 There is no point of adding content which works only in some parts of the world, while they sell the product in many more regions.

  But for people in europe the enthusiasm of buying this product evaporates in a week, as there is not much to explore.

  WD should add more content, and make it available for its customers across the globe.

  Only this can make this device a truly intesting and entertaining.


Totally agree. Kudos to you.

Do we have something similar to Hulu or Netflix in Europe.

If yes can someone share those details. I am looking for english content internet references.