Internet speed for streaming 1080p 40GB+ movies

HI all,

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my internet speed and was wondering if you guys have any recommendations to what would be an ideal speed to stream large movie files. My current download speed is ~10Mbps and upload is ~1.5Mbps. I’m a newbie at the whole streaming 1080p content deal so I’m hoping I can get some good advice from some of you gurus :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?


If by streaming you mean wired, then no problem. If you mean wireless, forget it. There is no wireless hardware currently capable of streaming full HD movie rips reliably to the Live Hub.

@ Ricardobed

Just to clarify, your internet speed that your ISP provides has no bearing on how you stream to the Hub.

As Miami_Son says its all to do with your home network.

Wireless for what you want is a no go, Cat5 cable etc as in hard wired its no problem.

Wireless is difficult but not impossible.

I get 70-90 megabits per second to my WiFi Hub…  that’s plenty for streaming most HD movies.

I only have one Blu-ray rip I have problems with…  Iron Man 2.  

Hi Tony,

May I ask what type of wireless adapter are you using for your Hub and also how fast is your internet speed?


I am using the Cisco WUSB600N, and I have two Linksys E3000 Dual-band routers configured as access points.

My internet speed has nothing to do with it, but it happens to be 40-megabit bidirectional.

Because of your previous recommendation of the Cisco I checked into it and all of the comments I read on it said the same thing: unreliable for streaming lossless bitrate BD rips. If I want to lower the bitrate of my rips the network stuff I have now would work fine (I’m also on a dual-band setup with the 5ghz channel dedicated to the Live Hub), but I don’t want to lower the quality. I can sometimes get 20 minutes into a MKV movie before it starts glitching, but usually it takes less than 5. It’s easier for me to copy any BD rips I want to see to my Toshiba 3tb USB drive and plug it into the Hub and watch them locally instead of trying to stream them wirelessly. They play flawlessly that way.

My Equipment:

D-Link DIR825 dual-band gigabit router

D-Link DWA160 dual-band USB adapter

D-Link DAP1522 dual-band wireless bridge (used mostly for my receiver, BD player and Media Center extender)

I agree with playing the files from USB. I also have the CISCO WUSB600N and it doesn’t work for me when I want to playback my BD rips (40GB+ files). With the CISCO adapter I can only get 1min of playback before it starts stuttering and stopping. Then again, I’m SOL because my house is not wired for ethernet (long story) and I can only use a powerline adapter. However, the powerline adapter I have (Netgear AV500) also cannot handle these large movies.

So all I can do is copy anything larger than 20GB to an external drive and attach it to the Hub :S