Internet source for video

hi all,

is it possible to add new internet sources to my live tv hub?

as an example, i would like to add as a video provider.


No, but there is an undocumented internet browser within the Hub. A search in here should find the info. It is somewhat clumsy, but others have been able to get some functionality out of it.

If you want to try the browser you’ll need a keyboard and perhaps a mouse too.


While the About screen is displayed press the SEARCH button on the remote (Looks like a magnifing glass)

Not a very good browser but it’s there. It also is not very good at playing video feeds. Some will work others (most) won’t.

At one time I had some RSS feeds setup from the internet archives site. It did work. You have to figure out how to search the site to get them then paste them into the RSS feeds option on the Hub using the Hub’s web interface.

serviio  I posted on how to do this… do a search.