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Are you able to Stream Internet radio station on  WD TV LIVE?

How does it work?

You can do it through the Live365 service, or through Pandora if you’re in the US, but stream URLs in playlist files don’t seem to work. Also user morgen2009 says he’s successful at streaming internet radio using the MediaTomb media server on Ubuntu Linux (see this thread <-- this is actually a link to the thread) but I was not successful in replicating his success.


Pandora is ace

That 365 thing ■■■■■, free version is low quality and I don’t like the interface

But, Pandora is awesome, works with your existing stations.

Pandora certainly looks awesome, but is only available to IPs within US. The funny thing is that Finetune seems to do something similar but is available in Canada, though not with the WDTV Live.

Never heard of Finetune. You should post an idea to the board about adding its functionality - could make a lot of Canadian users happy if the developers think it has enough interest to implement.

What are the main differences between Finetune and Pandora besides the geographical restrictions?

I really have no idea what differences exist between Finetune and Pandora. I know Finetune because they have a nice clean web interface for the Wii (, and I think it’s based on the same idea as Pandora, but since I can’t access Pandora right now it’s hard to tell :slight_smile:

Sure if WDTV Live would access Finetune, that would be great. However I’d like it even more if the WDTV Live devs would include more general capabilities (such as supporting playlists with radio stream URLs for example!) than website-specific hacks. A generic audio stream aggregator in the main Music menu could be another idea – something similar to the Streamtuner program in Linux.

How do I use finetune on my wii ?

Triniman wrote:

Are you able to Stream Internet radio station on  WD TV LIVE?


How does it work?

Currently, the only way to stream internet radio stations (other than Pandora and Live365) is to use a media server.

This requires your PC to be on but, if you tend to have your PC on a lot anyway, it’s not such a bad solution and opens up other possibilities (if you buy the TVersity Pro version you can stream Hulu videos, which includes many current TV shows, anime, even entire seasons of shows for free).

Read the following post for a brief tutorial on how to set up TVersity (free edition) media server to stream internet radio stations to the WD TV Live: