Internet over network


my wd tv live is connected to my PCI LAN card on my computer. The cable modem is connected to onboard LAN. Can the PC share the Internet connection with the player this way?

Here is my network configuration for both PC and WD:



Subnet mask




Subnet mask


When I go to network test on WD the IP is ok but I’m getting: Incorrect DNS server address. Please check your network setting and try again.

On the PC I’m getting Unidentified network and No Internet connection message, althought file sharing is working.

Windows is 7. The ICS is turned on.

WD firmware is the latest.

I think you can if you enabled INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING on the PC.

But, that’s one weird hookup.  Don’t understand what the benefit of that would be.

It sounds like the computer is trying to access the internet with the wrong adapter. Are both active connections in “Network Connections”? You should have two seperate IP addresses for your two network adapters and a third for the one built in the WD Live. Perhaps you have to bridge the adapters.

You can open a command console and use the IPCONFIG command to see your PC’s network addresses.

Ok, I have solved the problem. I turned off the ICS, then turned it back, so it set the IP of the second adapter to, subnet mask to and the gateway and DNS is empty. On the WD I entered the IP, subnet, gateway and DNS, and it works now!