Internet Explorer browing documents by IP addr vs MyBookLive

PC1 Internet Explorer is using “mybooklive” under network library for browsing documents. PC2 Internet Explorer is not finding documents updated by PC1. However, using MyBookLive app software, finds documents using the IP addr and not “mybooklive” name. How can PC2 IP addr be changed to “mybooklive” name address and permitting internet explorer browsing on PC2. Window 10 is running on both PCs. Software like TurboTax can find documents using “mybooklive” on PC1, however, PC2 internet explorer cannot find those documents. Changing the name to IP addr, PC2 can find those docs.


Make sure the network discovery settings are turned on from PC2, try to access Windows Explorer to see if the drive shows up as MyBookLive under Network/ Storage and then map the shared folders.